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Fine Art Departments

The Black and Gold 1975

Fine Art Departments Spotlight Creative Talent, Polish Techniques

The Music, Choir and Drama departments allowed students to get out of the classroom and onto the stage.

Music lovers took heart and gathered in the band and choir rooms. Here, band students were given a greater understanding of music composition theory.

Emphasis was placed on classical as well as contemporary music. Diligent practicing on the part of band members led to special rewards such as concerts and school performances.

Four different courses were offered--Beginning Band, Symphonic I, Symphonic II and Wind Ensemble.

In the nearby choir room, students were taught Hawaiian, Folk and some contemporary songs. They were also given instructions in correct breathing techniques, phrasing, vocal projection, enunciation, reading music, and correct posture.
Two new music courses were in the Polynesian Music classes in ukulele and guitar. Both these courses taught students a better appreciation of the Polynesian music.

Teaching production and stage techniques were the objectives of the Drama department. Students learned about characterizations, vocal techniques and creativeness in various classroom exercises. Improvising and putting on skits gave students a chance to practice their dramatic skills.

The most effective classroom however, was the stage. Drama students tried out for acting roles in various McKinley Theatre Group productions.

Courses offered to students were Beginning and Advanced Drama Explorations, and Drama Workshop.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
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