Monday, January 7, 2013

English, Social Studies

The Black and Gold 1975

English, Social Studies Involve Communication and Understanding

With communication and understanding the basis of each course, the English and Social Studies programs strove to bring out the utmost potential within each individual.

Seeking to broaden the knowledge of human achievement in literature, the English Department offered a wide range of courses, each allowing students a wide variety of interests.

Although sophomores were required to take English IV for graduation, juniors and seniors had a choice of 25 different courses, ranging from American Folklore to Oriental Literature.

These electives were divided into three categories, college prep; general and honors; a semi-elective, open to students on the basis of test results and teacher recommendations. All of these electives with the exception of the Honors program, were semester courses.

For the Social Studies department, teaching students how to express opinions and interpret program materials would hopefully lead the students to be independent of others.

Besides American Studies, a required course, sixteen electives were available, including and expanded psychology course and Sociology C, dealing with the sansei or the third generation Japanese of American ancestry.

Films, guest lecturers and field trips were also used to complement classroom instruction. These resources demonstrated the versatility of the course.

McKinley High School Class of 1975
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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