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Daily Pinion 1974

The Daily Pinion - Thursday, Oct. 31, 1974

'Count Draula' Strikes Tonight
Halloween Ushers In Chilling Play
Next Production, 'The Apple Tree'
Dracula: The Truth and The Legend
Not Too Late For Season Tickets...Buy and Save
Alumni Invaluable In First Production
JV Win Today - Will Bring Title
Meet the Cast: The David Squared, The Chicks, The Alumni, The Guitar Players
About Vampire and Things...

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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Student Life

The Black and Gold 1975

In Class, Out of Class and 'Just Hanging Around...

 At 8:00 in the morning, a bright yellow city bus stopped in front of McKinley and unloaded an assortment of students.

 Walking across the wet, dewy front lawn, these students had a few minutes to spare before the 8:15 morning class bell. Joining fellow classmates at a favorite hangout, they talked about many things and managed to compare homework notes or do some quick reviewing for an upcoming test. When the bell rang, they lingered for awhile making plans for later in the day, then departed for class in separate directions.

 Teachers patiently waited for their students, then read the morning bulletin which announced notices and the numerous events. During this time, students found out about meetings, class sponsored events, PSAT and SAT tests for the college bound, career sessions which covered various fields of professions, college and political speakers and assemblies that were to take place at specified times during the day. Excepting Wednesdays, class lasted for 106 minutes with a ten minute break in between, teacher permitting. (All six periods met on Wednesday with 45 minute periods.)

 Then, when a bell rang for the next class, students gathered their books and rushed way across campus, greeting friends along the way within the three short minutes of passing time. A few seconds after the passing bell, they slid into their empty seats, ready for more learning and homework. Students found it hard to concentrate as it neared lunchtime. The Daily Pinion gave them something to occupy their minds, making them aware of school and community happenings.

 The growing noises from within were soon satisfied after the 12:02 lunchbell. McKinleyites spent 42 minutes doing whatever they wanted. Usually, it was a 25 cent bargain lunch from the cafeteria or, if a friend had a car, it was off to a nearby sweetshop, drive-in or the well-frequented McDonald's for a change of pace. Afterwards, relaxing and fooling around with friends, studying, finishing a project in class, or a rousing pep rally complemented the lunch break.

 When that last class bell rang, a lazy, "not in the mood to study" student body returned to classrooms for more lessons. Then, the moment everyone had been waiting for--the 2:30 bell--end of school.

 There was always something to do after school--whether it was sports practice or a game, a driver education class, work, a club or council meeting, band, MTG, or choir rehearsal, an ROTC drill, ora hot crowded ride on the bus home.

 Thus, activities of all sorts combined with academic classes made up student life at McKinley.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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Daily Pinion 1974

The Daily Pinion - Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1974

ROTC Improves Self-Control, Responsibility, Discipline
Homecoming Competitions Set For Student Time
Class of '75 Hopes To Capture Spirit Stick
Tigers Come From Behind to Overcome Cougars 14-7
First Place Cubs Defeat Cougars
McKinley's Pep Squad Visits Kaimuki's Homecoming Rally

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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The Black and Gold 1975

Community Service, Athletics, Academics, Leadership Gain Recognition

 Throughout the year, there were a few McKinleyites who were outstanding in their own ways.  This handful of students accomplished much in a special area--academics, athletics, community service of extra curricular activities. Because of their accomplishments, these scholarly achievers gained recognition in various fields.

 Based on their academic achievements, leadership and service to the community and school, nine students (seven seniors and two juniors) were nominated for Outstanding Teenager of American Awards. Two girls were honored when one was chosen to be a Junior Miss Semi-Finalist and the other a Miss Teenage Finalist.

 Also, National Merit Scholarship Letters of Commendation went out to five deserving seniors, a nominee was selected for the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans, and an Outstanding Cadet and Citizen of the Year was selected. A Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award was presented to a McKinleyite while an Outstanding Staffer for the Publications department was recognized by the Hawaii Newspaper Agency.

 Stories and poems were selected from five students to be published in two national high school anthology and prose magazines, "Young America Speaks" and "Young America Sings." The Advertiser and Honolulu Star Bulletin recognized three football players on their All-Star teams and six other players on Honorable Mention teams. Among the Gold Key Winners in the National Scholastic Art Contest were seven McKinley students whose artworks were displayed at Ala Moana.

 Faculty teachers were not left out as the administration selected and acknowledged a distinguished teacher for the Teacher of the Year Award.

 Thus, achievements by teachers and students were recognized in different fields

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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Daily Pinion 1974

The Daily Pinion - Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1974

Tigers Prepare Homecoming Celebration
McKinley Displays Largest Group Of Performing Bands in State
Sophs Elect Two For Grievance Board
Science Teachers Sponsoring Camp

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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The Black and Gold 1975

From Friday the Thirteenth to 'Ugly Bug Ball' to 'Yesterday Once More'

 No school would be complete without a prom, banquet or dance to add to the ever growing treasured memories of McKinley. Each class had their own world of magic besides the social activities sponsored by the student council.

 "Friday the Thirteenth", the welcome dance sponsored by the student council got the year underway with everyone meeting and making friends. With the coming of "Our Winter World of Love" Winter Prom, Fall '74 was introduced to promote the prom. In addition to food, fashion and hairstyles, a dance was held afterwards in the gym to top the evening off.

 The nostalgic Ugly Bug Ball/Masquerade party was not too successful for the small crowd of juniors who attended. They made the most of the night in spite of this.

 1975 brought more elegant promenades dances and two class banquets. 

 Seniors relived "Yesterday Once More" with laughter, friends and a scavenger hunt at their banquet at the Ala Moana Hotel in early February. The following week, two dances took place in the cafeteria in conjunction with McKinley's Carnival. Posters urged the Sophomore Class to "save your lunch money" to pay for their exclusive banquet at the Hawaiian Regent Hotel.  Juniors created splendor at the Moana Surfrider as they shared the beauty and excitement with everyone who attended their class promenade.

 Sweet, soft music rendered enchanting moments for the seniors as their final prom made its appearance at the Princess Kaiulani.

 And, what would be more appropriate than the Aloha Dance to carry the Tigers through a rewarding year?

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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Daily Pinion 1974

The Daily Pinion - Thursday, Oct. 24, 1974

PAAC To Reactivate Here Today
MHS-Leilehua Sponsor Speech Festival on Saturday
Cubs, Cougars in Crucial Game
Girls' Volleyball Seeks First Victory Today - Face Red Raiders at Kahuku Gym
Girls' Intramurals Begins Tomorrow

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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The Black and Gold 1975

Wheels Roll, PA Blares, People Work as Two Day Festivities Open

 It all began on Valentine's 3 in the afternoon, wheels started rolling, people manned their stations at food or game booths, gaudy lights were ready to shine, fun loving people strolled around as they took in the sights, and a P.A. system blared out it "Welcome to McKinley's 11th annual carnival" that generated the beginning of a two day festival.

 Sprightly carnival goes amused themselves on thrilling rides and filled themselves up with the various assortments of foods such as saimin, hamburgers, pizza, undagi, beef nibblets and curry stew. Such gaiety and hustle prompted food runners to scurry about, keeping supplies plentiful. Since no carnival would be complete without games, ten challenging game booths were constructed and manned by clubs and classes. Due to inflation, games cost four to five scrip.

 A new favorite of the carnival was the Ma and Pa's General Store (formerly the country store) which was expanded to accommodate the white elephant sale, baked goods, jams and jellies, crafts, clothes, art, paper products and goodies such as candy apples and shave ice. For those who like to dance or listen to music, a dance was held both nights in the cafeteria for two hours of fun.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion 2017