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Juniors 2

The Black and Gold 1975

Juniors ‘Toast’ Second Place Honors

  Determination and spirit bound the “Jolly Juniors” together with an invisible string of unity, making their second year at McKinley a year of togetherness. Their responsibilities to McKinley increased in school happenings.

  Along with new and challenging ideas came a new junior adviser, Mrs. Meg Uehara. Full of spirit, exciting ideas and pride for the juniors, Mrs. Uehara always found time to help the juniors out in many of their activities. She was a dedicated, outgoing and fun adviser who kept the effervescence of the juniors flowing. Her guidance laid a strong foundation upon which the juniors built their trust and faith.

  The juniors exhibited their pride and spirit as they featured Kikaider, Hawaii’s new superhero from Japan, at their annual class pep rally. Mrs. Uehara was naturally a part of this class rally as she “spookily” moaned and summoned Kikaider’s monster enemies and stirred everyone’s enthusiasm.

  Enthused by their mascot, and cheering with all their hearts, the juniors walked away with the ever famous spirit stick.
  Banners, slogans and balloons were just a part of the vibrant junior spirit that was displayed despite a loss to Roosevelt.

  Homecoming was the next big event for the juniors as they worked diligently and ambitiously to create a float for “Tiger Celebration. They were much rewarded as they produced a brilliant second place float. Nightly workshops strengthened the bonds of class unity as fun and new found friends were shared by all.

  As a part of the Homecoming festivities, representatives from the junior class competed with the seniors in six class game competitions. With a small crowd of juniors to give encouragement, the Class of ‘76 proceeded to win the slogan relay, doughnut-eating competitions and the seven-legged relay to come out victorious over the seniors.

  These and many other events helped make the Class of ‘76 unified and one--an important step in becoming tomorrow’s seniors.

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McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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