Monday, April 29, 2013

McKinley's Choir

The Black and Gold 1975

Reorganization, Recruitment Mark Chorus Classes 

 A renovation of many fresh ideas from novel classes to an entirely different curriculum in the CHOIR department set off a change in the program of Chorus and Polynesian Music.

 Miss Julieann Howell, instructor and an MHS alumna, and President Denise Yamada concentrated mainly on the reorganization, recruitment and coordination of the bass, ukulele and guitar accompaniments.

 The McKinley High School Choir, comprised of forty select members were attired in bright blue floral printed muumuus and aloha shirts which distinguished them from other students as they crossed the campus after school for practice sessions.

 Christmas projects included a special holiday assembly in the auditorium with soloists on ukulele and guitar.  Concurrently, with the Christmas concert, they gave tourists a special treat at the Hawaiian Mission Houses. The visitors were entertained by the harmonious overtones of tenors, baritones, sopranos and also with instruments musically blended together to create an aura of holiday cheer in the historic homes of the missionary days.

 Hoping to expand interests, and to promote more diversified musical aptitudes, efforts were made to plan recitals with feeder schools. An exchange with Pearl City High School resulted in increased affinity between schools.

McKinley High School Class of 1975
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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