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Daily Pinion - Black and Gold

The Black and Gold 1977

Staffs produce distinctive works

The Daily Pinion

 As one of only five high school daily papers in the nation, 46 devoted and hardworking students, and editorial staff and a dedicated adviser strove to meet deadlines of THE DAILY PINION.

 The Pinion kept students as well as teachers informed of what was going on around the school.  Staff members were seen rushing to places to get a story or to take pictures of interesting happenings at McKinley. When stories were turned in they had to be corrected and typed; pictures had to be printed and cropped, headlines written and printed, and last minute corrections made before sending the paper over to the shop for printing.

 Trying to achieve perfection while at the same time meet seemingly ever present deadlines was the main objective of THE BLACK AND GOLD staff for  1976-77.

 With only four experienced returnees from the previous year, the staff utilized their utmost in creativity to design and execute each of the 224 individual pages that makes up the yearbook.

 Previous annuals and those exchanged with other schools served as guidelines, but not as an actual mold for the 1977 BLACK AND GOLD. This year's goal was to include more graphic design and effects to keep up with the contemporary style of today's magazines.

 QUILL AND SCROLL, an international honorary society for high school journalists selected students who have devoted much time and work to the paper and yearbook. Quill and Scroll members must be in the top third of their class or have a 2.8 grade average, and a minimum of two years experience in newswriting or yearbook.

 Members evaluate and critique the Daily Pinion and also maintain and uphold scholastic journalism standards. Like most clubs on campus, they worked at the carnival an honored senior
members at their banquet in May.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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