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Junior Pinion 1976

The Junior Pinion - Friday, April 23, 1976

  As full-fledged Tigers, we greeted our junior year with eagerness. We took on our first task of readjusting ourselves to new school policies and a new bell schedule. Being a little confused, we protested these new changes. But we were soon used to them and on our way to our first actiity, the Love's Bread Wrapper Contest. We readily participated in this activity, which resulted in 3,500 bread bags and about $35. Because this contest was such a success, our officers followed it up with the Campbell's Soup Label Contest. This contest was a fund-raising project for Pohukaina School. In our eagerness to help out, we came in first place in the school competition.
  Homecoming festivitis were getting underway. Being determined to do better than last year, we put a lot of effort into our tapestry, entitled, "Hail, McKinley, Hail." Our hard work resulted in our class placing second in the competition. 
  Our Junior-Sophomore Camp was planned, but turned out to be a failure because of non-participation. Our spirit was soon revived in time for the McKinley vs Farrington football game, our class game. We work our Junior T-shirts wth pride at the pep rally and won the spirit stick that day.
  Being service-minded, we entered the Carole Kai Bed Race with the name "Noah's Ark' emblazoned on the bed. We came in fifth statewide, beating two other contestants.
  Carnival fever was in the air by this time...copping first place in the carnival booth decorating competition became a reality when we designed, "The British Are Coming." The main feature of that booth was decapitating heads with bean bags.
  We celebrated the Bicentennial by being patriotic and winning the Bicentennial Class Games competition and by sponsoring the Bicentennial Student-Faculty Quiz Bowl. We ended April with a BANG by winning first place in the Crazy Week Weird Games contest.
 The highlights of our junior year are Class Day (today) and the Junior Prom, April 30, which will prove to be successful. All these events will soon be happy memories of our junior year and participating students will never forget the good times we had.

That's The way the world is! (Junior Play)

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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