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Juniors '77 - Vibrant Officers Coordinate Activities

The Black and Gold 1976

Vibrant Officers Coordinate Activities

 Changes and improvement prevailed the new school year and the Class of '77 was no exception. The year 1975-76 brought a reconstruction of the council and a creation of two new positions enlarging the decision-making body of the Junior Class.

 The first change came with the appointment of a committee coordinator and a press secretary.  The additional positions were made in order to equalize executive responsibilities; to enable the officers to take part in other extra curricular activities.

 The committee coordinator controlled all committees under the jurisdiction of the vice-president to assure each committee's progress.

 With the realization that publicity is vital to the success of an activity, the press secretary was selected to handle all Daily Pinion and morning bulletin transactions. He also acted as median between class and student government communications.

 Besides the usual committee chairmen, a body of forty others made up the class council. These members aided in decision-making and served as the backbone (of participants) in the many activities.

 Another advisory body also included as part of the council, was the Officers, Senators, Grievance Board Association (OSGA) that met monthly to discuss upcoming events. The interaction between these groups reinforced Junior Class leadership.

 Finally, the advisership was divided between two faculty members to share the responsibility of the large council. Both assisted each other guiding the class in the assurance of making a most productive and successful year.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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