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Carefree Fashions, Skateboarding, Employment

The Black and Gold 1976

Carefree Fashions, Skateboarding, Employment Head List of Interests

 Exemplifying the simple, casual fashions of today, aside from the lengthened hemlines, many McKinleyites returned to school sporting variations of popular gauze, denims, silkies and other modes of dress to suit their carefree moods.

 As an alternative to surfing, very few could resist trying their hand in sidewalk surfing, which reached the peak of its enthusiasm during the summer. This highly popularized sport proved to be very dangerous as many skateboarders found out the hard way.

 The colorful new bicentennial license plate designed in red, white and blue gave cars a fresh new look for this commemorative year.

 Typical of many, most students found jobs either part-time or permanent to supplement their allowances due to the rapidly rising costs of gas, clothes and other necessities. But it was not easy.

 A new awareness of political events left many wondering what would happen next. The aftermath of Watergate and rising crime rates affected more stringent attitudes in public opinion. Bitterness and suspicion toward government officials and agencies prevailed as students questioned their moral values and beliefs. And to the relief of all, the nation was out of the recession.

 On the world front, apprehension grew as the communist claw took over Cambodia, Vietnam and Mozambique-the American defense line receded to Hawaii, the West Coast, the East Coast and a few bases scattered in the Atlantic Ocean and Europe. Despite all of this, a greater understanding of other cultures evolved, especially so at McKinley, as well as those from the Philippines, Korea and Hong Kong.

 The move toward world peace never ended in Hawaii. Integration brought a promise for the future-infusion of immigrants would add seasoning to the blend of society and assurance that the bicentennial year would be unique.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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