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The Black and Gold 1976

Faculty - Administration

Achieving Effective School Procedures....

 In an effort to achieve more effective school procedures, 1975-76 school year began with major changes and additions which were initiated for the benefit of faculty and students.

 Returning to his second term as principal of McKinley High School, alumnus Young Yee Ko chaired a coordinating committee, designed as a policy-reviewing and policy-making body. Consisting of two administrators, two parents, three students and four teachers, the committee met monthly to discuss school policies and procedures. Guidelines more clearly defining administrative job duties were established in hope of better organization.

 First Vice Principal Loy Fook Leu assumed responsibilities of departmental evaluation and welfare of instruction, personnel, finance, facilities, and student personnel, among others.

 A key change in the administrative level was the exchangeship of Mr. Mathew Kaonohi from Pearl City High School Mr. Hideyasu Fukuhara. Aside from serving on the coordinating committee, Second Vice Principal Mr. Kaonohi aided departmental instruction, recruitment and evaluation and welfare of personnel,health and safety and student discipline.

 Keeping in touch with the Honolulu District Office of the Department of Education, Principal Ko followed through with the evaluation of the new schedules and campus procedures.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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