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McKinley and the Bicentennial

The Black and Gold 1976

McKinley and the Bicentennial

 It came subtly, stealing into the warm summer air--McKinleyites began to feel pride in the heritage of the United States and new hopes marked this year a special one, truly-a bicentennial celebration.

 Many students were stimulated into action, participating in various clean-up campaigns and activities in preparation for January, 1976-the bicentennial year, but many more took to

 Bustling fall brought back many who reflected scattered thoughts, trying to interpret this year
in relation to the past two hundred. Realization came that this year was a stopping point, a time to review and strengthen the basic beliefs for which our founding fathers fought so fervently. It was also a time to renew our faith and confidence in democracy and the American lifestyle, and review our history, because we are so fortunate to be part of this union of states.

 As the yearbook gazed into the past, difficult times and the real effort that students and teachers made came alive. Surviving, supporting and fighting three wars can hardly be pleasant, but students in the past days of McKinley did just that. Among their many accomplishments, the students performed distinguished services for America. Raising $533,600 in a war bond drive, volunteering for the Red Cross's frequent night shifts, helping to control rats, as well as Hawaii's economy by working in the pineapple fields, and joining the service to fight (many gave their lives) were just a few things done in the period from World War II to the Korean War.

 Knowledge of our past contributions enabled students to look back on history, not distantly, but to feel that we were a part of the formation of present day America.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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