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Sophomore Pinion 1975 Mar 14

The Sophomore Pinion - Friday, March 14, 1975

Sophomore Athletes Jay Vee, Varsity Sports

Remember When...

  The uncertainty in our minds as we first entered school was evident in the way we acted. The puzzled looks on our faces mad us wonder what the year would unfold.
  Confusion raced through our minds when we went through our first registration scramble. We hustled for the subjects we wanted an chose teachers by names and appearances more so than knowledge. With registration behind us, we began to familiarized ourselves with this new strange, large, school.
  There were new friends to meet and old ones to reacquaint ourselves with. We were still in doubt about our newfound friendships, when our first activity came about...the elections. We voted for people we knew and rejected those we didn't. But despite the way we arrived at it, the outcome was pretty good. Those officers and senators we elected pulled us through the semester with activities that we were confronted with.
  Then our first pep rally came about; many sophomores, but no response. However, by the time the third rally came around, a little cheering was heard in our section. The sophomore spirit was beginning to shine through. After that, the following pep rallies didn't seem too dull.
 We even started competing for the spirit stick, which we won in time for the Sophomore Game. The real class spirit came through when when the sophomore committees were up for grabs. Room 109 was filled to the brim with eager sophs.
  The first real activity we had was our entering the "Vote K-poi" contest. We started late but we were able to pull off more than a million "Vote K-poi"'s. It originally started out as a sophomore effort and it later turned out to an all-school activity, it seemed impossible to get over the 500,000 mark. Bart Asato tried his best to stir up more effort by talking to the audience of our football game on the day of the deadline.
  The Homecoming game was coming closer, and we were again late in starting our float. The frantic struggle on the day of the judging was quite a sight. Chaos, as well as desperation reigned that day. Even though we finished last, it was fun creating the float from beginning to end.
  Our most recent activity was the carnival booth which started out with a BANG. The only problem encountered was the name. It started out as the "Jungle Hunt," the "Pied Piper" came next, then "Hamlin Carnival."
  Everyone finally agreed on the "Hamlin Fair." We broke the tradition of sophomores always finishing last by placing third in the judging only to be beaten by the juniors and science club.
  More activities for us are scheduled to come. Some of these are the class play, picnic, etc. Join the fun and participate. The more, the merrier.

ROCK-N-ROLL HEAVAN - Sophomore Class Play

McKinley High School Class of 1977
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