Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Faculty 3

The Black and Gold 1975

Faculty Teams Take on Student Competition

  In their first year of competition, the Women’s Faculty Basketball Team named the Odd Squad participated in intramural games. Led by Head Coach Linda “Unconscious” Izumoto, members of the Odd Squad played hard, defensive games against student teams such as SMP (Special Motivation Program).
  All the players had nicknames. They sounded quite hilarious. “Wonderwoman” Wright, Lynette “Shoulders” Oshima, “Jungle” Jane Uyema, Jane “Demolition” Schroeder, Peggy “Banshee” Anderson, Gwendolyn “Grinder” Shimono, Pualani “Hot Hands” Howell, and Darcy “Dynamite” Dorich.
  The mello and yet bizarre, five year old Men’s Team, Faculty Fumblers, was head coached by Joe Tom. Throughout the years they won over 30 games and lost none.
  This year the Fumblers made a distinct alteration. They added Miss Darcy “Dynamite” Dorich to the team as player-cheerleader. Playing for the players were Carl “Hook” Hansen, John “Metro” Hawkins, Richard “Roadrunner” Haru, Jacob “King of the Hill” Hoopai, John “Too-Tall” Hammond, Raynor “Catfish” Minami, Mike “Smooth” Chow, Stephen “Speedy” Siu, Paul “Five-O” Reichl, Ed “Basher” Watanabe, Lester “Boom-Boom” Chuck, Alvin “Jet” Tokuda, Howard “Radar” Gay, and Neal “Cool Hands” Takamori. With nicknames such as these how could they ever lose?

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