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Daily Pinion 1975

The Daily Pinion - Tuesday, February 11, 1975

Nancy Linn Named McKinley's Betty Crocker Homemaker
ROTC To Receive Two New Flags At Wed. Reveille
ROTC to Hand Parking, Radio Club to Man PA
Jayvee Tigers Challenge Bulldogs for 1st Place Tie - Crucial Game Today
Jackie Young, Randall Matsumoto Capture Mendonca Race Honors

From the pages of The Pinion, 1920-1921
  The first issue of the Pinion was published on October 4, 1920. The paper was printed bi-weekly instead of daily like today, and consisted of 4 pages. Subscription rates were 5 cents per copy, or 90 cents for the whole school year, a total of 16 issues.
  That year, statue-washing was done by the Citizenship Club initiates. There was also a school-wide song contest, with the sophomores taking first place.
  November saw the start of what was to become the new McKinley High School. Plans were being made to begin dredging Kewalo Basin and to fill in the site where McKinley now stands.
  The building of the new McKinley High School started in July of 1921, and was expected to be completed in time for second semester. the class of 1922 was the first to graduated from the new school.
  Black and Gold, the school annual, was published by the senior class. The regular price of 75 cents had been raised in 1920-1921 to one dollar, due to the rising cost of printing and materials.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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