Monday, September 10, 2012

World Hangups

The Black and Gold 1975

World Hangups and Local Politics Intermingle with Puka Shells

  After two years of allegations, investigations and revelations stemming from the Watergate incident, the entire episode reached its climax in August, when President Richard M. Nixon resigned from the presidency.

  Under the guidance of Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the United States, the country began to move in a positive direction.

  As the plummeting recession continued to break the back of the nation's faltering economy, the Ford administration quickly set its target on this, the number one concern.

  Despite his initial popularity, President Ford drew heavy criticism when he granted a full pardon to the former president, on matters pertaining to the Watergate coverup, conditional amnesty to draft dodgers and military deserters.

  While President Ford struggled to retain public confidence, congress made lengthy investigations on the controversial vice presidential nominee, Nelson Rockefeller.

  The possibility of a world food shortage also attracted the attention of the United States. Various nations met together in Rome in an attempt to find solutions for the world's hungry.

  On the local scene, Election '74 was the big newsmaker. In the gubernatorial race it was the democratic primary winners George Ariyoshi and Nelson Doi, over Republicans Randolph Crossley and Ben Dillingham.  Governor Ariyoshi, a graduate of McKinley and Lt. Governor Doi, represented the first orientals to hold such high state positions in the country. 

  An interesting respite to all of this was the puka shell fad. Shell pickers scoured the North and West shores of the island to make jewelry which became popular from coast to coast.

  What kind of a year was it? Well, it was a year of crisis and problems across the country and over the world.

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