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Everday Life

The Black and Gold 1975

The Black and Gold 1975
Everyday Life Contends with Academic, Social and Make Believe

 Throughout the hubbub of national and local issues, the students of McKinley High School contended with academics, the status quo, and everyday life.

 An unfortunate event, shortly after school began, was the death of Lauro Pedronan, a junior and immigrant student.  The tragedy, the result of a fight, shocked the campus and made the entire school population take a good look around them. A somber atmosphere prevailed for many weeks afterwards.

 Sorrow once again struck the campus in late November, with the passing of Mrs. Namiko Yoshimura, a custodian at McKinley. Affectionately known as "Mama san", she suffered a heart attack while on the job. She had worked long and hard beautifying the area round the social studies building. 

 In an attempt to bridge the communication gap between students, the student council held mass meetings to discuss the involvement of students within their class levels. Yet apathy reappeared as the results of student voting showed less than 20 percent of sophomores casting ballots for their class officers.

 The once lush, green agricultural field was bare and weed ridden due to the retirement of the agricultural technology teacher. By November the field was green again after a new teacher came. 

 Filling the scene as much as the news happenings on campus, was the fashion trend for both guys and girls. Midis and maxis came back in style, although they were tried a few years ago by the fashion set. Long skirts, sweater tops, and high-heeled sandals and shoes, reminiscent of the 40's and 50's flourished on campus.

 In contrast, guys preferred the casual, comfortable look, as indicated by shorts and aloha shirts worn.

 Kikaider and Rainbowman, kiddie heroes replacing Superman and Batman, struck McKinleyites with as much fancy as the younger generation.

 These events marked another year that was different, imaginative, and unique, according to the people who lived, and caused it to live, as an expression of their thoughts and feelings as one person to another.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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