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20th Reunion

20th Reunion
Saturday, August 23, 1997
Prince Kuhio Hotel

Hi everyone!

The reunion committee members belatedly would like to thank the 165 people who attended our 20th-year reunion dinner and 70 who came to the picnic in August. We appreciate the great feedback we've received since then and it sounds like everyone had a good time.

It was fun finding out what everyone was doing after 20 years... The folks who have become parents - and grandparents... Those who found job succes at home and on the Mainland... Even someone who retired after 20 years of military service! We also appreciate all those who made the trip from the Neighbor Islands, and the Mainland from such places as Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania and California.

For those of you who didn't make it: We missed you! 

We hope to stay in contact with all those on the mailing list and plan something for the 25th-year reunion (2002!) as many of you suggested. Most of the class members who attended the reunion said they would like to have something informal for the 25th. The committee made a pact to meet in the year 2000 to start talking about what we want to do. We don't want to limit the organization to the current committee. We'd like to include more people and already have offers of help. If you are interested, please contact us at the address or phone number below.

The committee was asked to ID the group picture taken at the reunion (some folks came too late; typical of our class, eh?). We believe we got all the IDs correct! If not, give Bart a call so he can correct the original. We don't look that much older, do we? 

Bottom row: Dannard Nichols, Randall Casquit, John Piilani, Bart Asato, Scott Fuchigami, Stacy Kaneshiro, Dondi Vinca, Kalok Chan.
Second row: Darlene (Pang) Mau, Margaret Matsuoka, Joanne (Liu) Young, Julie Leong, Corinne (Nagamine) Suzuka, Gayle (Koike) Marumoto, Sheri (Sonoda) Kim, Sharon (Nakata) Viveiros, Kalene Shim, Naomi (Yamamoto) Pai, Catherine (Uyehara) Yamauchi, Kathleen (Campbell) Kageyama, Susan Sugitani.
Third row: Valerie Badua, Frances (Uemura) McFarland, Florence Uemura-Oshiro, Mary (Furuto) Kim, Marion (Siu) Choi, Susan Kono, Kathy Tamanaha, Louise (Fujihara) Asato, Louise (Fujioka) Liu, Janet (Kuwata) Miyake, Karen Yamauchi, Gail (Morikawa) Camara.
Fourth row: Patrick Pias, Jon Ogoshi, Fay (Hirata) Ogoshi, Sanae Marabellas, Claudette (Chun) Chee, Lavaina (Bush) Lee, Roseanne (Wong) Leydon, Jolinda Kirkpatrick, Kathy Kolo, Lilia (Lee) Tashiro, Barbara (Henderson) Hope, Joy (San Buenaventura) Hutson, Chandelle (Hirao) Fuchigami, Amy Yamamoto, Natalie Silva, Davilynne (Kaneao) Jandoc. Fifth row: Dean Miyasato, Adele Aoyama, Ernesto Mostoles, Darrell Chun, Tod Matsumoto, Beverly (Kaya) Uchima, Brian Uchima, Lynn (Taketa) Yap, Lynne Uyehara, Lorna Soong, Patricia Burlison, Willington Leong, Clyde Souza, Darrell Wong.
Sixth row: Lloyd Wong, Sergio Dupio, Jeffrey Fong, Ronnie Pacis, Cavin Yonamine, Nolan Komatsu, Owen Uehara, Mauri (Peterman) Nakasone, Charles Linkee, Guy Inaba, Kenneth Hashimoto, Dean Kawano, Jon Obara, Ed Young, Paul Tomino, Joel Yuen, Michael Victorino, John LeRoy
Back row: Mictchell Nowicki, George Coble, Derek Gasper, Michael Yoshimura, Keith Kojima, Jerry Tamamoto, Mark Matsumoto, patrick Ganeku, John Takushi, Vinson Motas, Roscoe Nishida, Arthur Fujioka, Keoni Alip, Wendell Kau.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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