Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Math - NHS

The Black and Gold 1977

National standards guide efforts

 The Math Club continued its efforts of promoting mathematics by sponsoring the McKinley Math Team and arranging a math meet between Central, Kawananakoa and Washington Intermediate schools in March. Under the advisership of Mrs. Reverie Suzuki, they were actively involved with the Math League and the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) Exam. Further activities involved tutoring students at Kaahumanu Elementary School, field trips, service projects, and engaging speakers to talk on career opportunities. In a lighter non-mathematical vein, members of the Math Club joined forces with National Honor Society members to compete against other clubs and organizations in the Christmas Song Contest.

 As in previous years, the energetic National Honor Society chapter of McKinley began the year by helping with the fall registration. On October 17, they had an introduction party for all members at adviser Mrs. Yun Soon Jim's home. In December, they entered McKinley's song contest. During Christmas vacation, members, and Mrs. Jim, took a trip to Hilo where they spent three days visiting many sights from Hilo to Kona and back to Hilo. They worked at the Cultural Plaza Health Fair and took part in and helped their adviser, who was chairman, at the Narcissus Festival Cultural Event in February. There were district council get-togethers where members participated in quiz bowls, also.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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