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Social and Service Boards

The Black and Gold 1976

Social and Service Boards Coordinate Awareness, Student Activities

 Dances, competitions, assemblies and various other class and student council social activities were coordinated by the Social Board. Comprised of a coordinator, social committee chairpersons, and the president and vice-president of each class, the board met regularly to plan and report on the various events.

 The year featured events such as Homecoming Week and dance, a successful Fun Nite where students were treated to a fashion presentation and make-up and hairstyling types, many entertaining and educational assemblies, "One Love" Winter Prom at the Ilikai Pacific Ballroom, a crazy time during Crazy Week, May Day pageant, the exciting selection of Miss McKinley to reign over festivities during the school year, and the individual class weeks and proms.

 With the emphasis on the Bicentennial, McKinley's students were treated to and participated in several events spearheaded by the S.C. Bicentennial Committee. There was a school-wide parade in January, followed by contests in such categories as pie-eating, kite-flying, singing; even the carnival had a touch of the Bicentennial with pig-calling and naildriving contests.

 Formerly the Academic Board, The Student Services Board included several committees which handled student needs. 

 Renovation of the bookstore and replacing the handbook with a similar guide in the form of a folder, were some of the modifications which helped in serving the constantly diverging needs of the students.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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