Monday, December 2, 2013

Sophomores - Class Leaders Aim for Unity

The Black and Gold 1975

An attempt to gain a higher education prompted 828 students to come to McKinley and experience the school life that would eventually become a part of them.

 Everything was new for these students, the Class o
f '77, including the environment around them, new faces, teachers and a "first time" class adviser--Mr. George Maeda.

 Caught in the whirlpool of high school activities, a prolonged class officers' election was held-the results begin dominated by three boys and one girl. Along with Mr. Maeda, they began putting ideas together for events and activities which were to compose the Class of '77.

 Being class adviser was a personal challenge and a very satisfying job, according to Mr. Maeda. This was a good opportunity to get to know individuals and understand viewpoints of the students.
 Inspired by the pride and spirit at school, the sophomores displayed undaunted spirit at pep rallies and produced an enthusiastic pep squad to help them cheer. 

 A JV football game dedicated to the sophomores helped bind the class together as did their class image elections.  This was another step towards identity and recognition at McKinley. 

  Pooling their efforts, they strived to complete their first Homecoming float on time. This hectic time of year brought many new faces together for good times.

 To help them get acquainted with each other, the sophomores sponsored a "Vote K-POI" activity for the entire school. Piles of paper filled with "Vote K-POI" were brought to Mr. Maeda's room. Although McKinley did not place in the contest, the sophomores attempted to lead the way for school unity.

McKinley High School Class of 1977
40th Reunion Summer 2017

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